Procfile Manager

A Python module to manage Procfiles, running them in the first place, with as little restrictions as possible

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, at a desk pretty nearby, I needed a way to read and execute Procfiles. So I embarked on a quest to find a Python module that did just that, since I didn’t want to roll my own: returned the following top-5:

  • procfile 0.1.0
  • bureaucrat 0.3.6
  • honcho 1.0.1
  • heywood 0.3
  • strawboss 0.2.0

and I tried each one of them. I even proposed to one of the projects to create a rather large PR to expose the functionality in an open way. None were useable in my case, requiring a Python module to access its functionality (not just a command line interfaced script) and allowing the ProcessManager to be started in a thread (so not using any form of signal).

So there are my good reasons for writing yet another Procfile module ;-)

And although I couldn’t use the mentioned projects as-is, I give most credit for the code in this repository to each one of them, teaching me again a lot about how to go about constructing a Python well-formed module, including testing,…